Honolulu Adventure Session // Tannis & Damien

The day after Damien & Tannis' beautiful wedding. we cabbed it up the winding mountain side to find a spot for their adventure session. Through all those twists and turns, I was busy trying not to lose my lunch in the back seat, hanging my head out the window for any skiff of breeze I could feel across my face. 
I get car sick way to easily! 

We passed by a runner on the roadside, and as we pulled over to ask for directions, {which I believe was a complete serendipity} he said, "follow me 15 min down the road to lovers swing, it's perfect!" So...we did, and he was right.  It was a beautiful and quiet corner, with the perfect little swing hanging there, just waiting for us! We spent the better part of 3 hours walking along the road and adventuring into the rainforest, where there are simply endless options to utilize. The beauty of the Oahu island is breathtaking and so welcoming. I can't wait for another reason to head back
to this incredible island. 

Shout out to Chelsie for being an absolute rock star and helping out...and I am still so sorry for the chickenpox look that came to fruition about 2 days later...next time we hit the rainforest, we will remember our bug spray ;)