What is a coach?


 We live in a world of information overload where everything is, quite literally, at our fingertips. We’re constantly seeking new books, podcasts, training, and education in the pursuit of progress. 

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Books go unread, courses go unfinished, and most of what we learn is forgotten. It’s like we’re swimming in an ocean of unfulfilled potential.

Why is that? It's not that we don’t have the time, although that’s the most common reason people give for not finishing things.

It’s because LIFE HAPPENS. Responsibilities happen. Add in self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fears, and distractions – sometimes you need help to get focused.

The problem is too much information!

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Janine Deanna Coaching

●  free yourself from mental clutter and gain clarity on what you desire.

●  prioritize what matters and release the rest.

●  design a compelling life vision based on that clarity.

●  create the roadmap, with actions specifically designed to fulfill your vision.

●  adopt tools along that way that help you show up, every day.

●  see what you’re capable of and settle for nothing less.

●  find meaning in the challenges that you will, inevitably, face.

●  stay committed when you get distracted by life



Janine Deanna Coaching

A sounding board for complaining about problems; we are solution oriented.

A mental health professional. We do not treat mental illness or past trauma. 

A professional listener; we are action oriented.

In other words, if your actions are currently more about complaining than actively looking for solutions then you’re probably not ready for a coach. However, if you’d like the tools and support you need to build on the awesome foundation that is YOU, look no further. At the end of the day, a coach will help create self awareness around the things you’re struggling to see and empower you to say, “I CAN create the life I desire.”.

Janine Deanna Coaching FAQ

If you're looking to complain...dial up a girlfriend, pour yourself a cocktail and save yourself the investment. We've all been there and there's no shame in that part of the journey.


If, however, you're looking for accountability, deep change and action in the direction of your dreams, my friend, you're ready for a coach and I can't wait to connect with you! 

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