Cayo Coco // Cuba

What: Destination Wedding

Where: IBEROSTAR Playa Pilar, Cayco Coco

When: May 2016

Why: Second shooting for Whitney Cowan Photography

I had the privilege of accompanying my dear friend Whitney to Cuba for N & K's destination wedding.  Having never been to Cuba in my travels, I was excited to not only check it out...but help photograph an amazing couple there.  The resort that we went to was only 4 months old!  The lay out was super easy to navigate, clean with modern design around every corner. The gym facility was also top of the line {we actually worked out a lot yah us!} and well air conditioned! Now, I had heard a lot of mixed things about Cuba, particularly the food, so I was going with an open mind and average expectations. I also went prepared to put my love of salt into full action, which I did to Whitney's amazement and concern of over usage!  Once we arrived and settled in, we made our way around the resort, which was cozy in size compared to my last trip to Mexico.

We learned about the internet access...purchase 1hour time slots from the front desk for $2.50/hour and connecting was sporadic, except for the "internet chairs" we found and quickly named! What sucked was that some days they had cards to sell and other days they didn't. What we should have done was bought enough for the whole week upon arrival, so that we were never without!  Lesson learned. 

We found our groove with the food after the first 2 days ish, and I pretty much stuck to the grill for chicken, peppers and onions, some salad bar items and rice for lunch and supper. Breakfast was fresh omelettes, side of bacon and smoothies {banana, OJ & pineapple, Whit found these} , and all three meals...and moments between included cappuccinos , cuz they were SO DELICIOUS!! The service was good, not great.  I had only to compare it to the last few trips I have just taken a few short months ago and there was a difference for sure.  I think that the resort has a few "growing pains" to iron out as it's still so new. I have already had a number of people messaging me asking about the resort, and if you would like to know more, feel free drop me an email at:

The one thing I missed was having a beach to walk out on right from the resort where you could feel the mass of the ocean in front of you. However, only a 15min walk down the road was a stunning and relatively quiet stretch of unreal teal water, filled with soft, white sandy beach...which made for a perfect day after shoot location!

I am not going to get into the wedding couples details as it's not my couple to talk about, {Watch Whitney's BLOG for that} but I will say that both Whit and I were blown away by the huge warm welcome the entire group gave us! What an incredible group of funny, loving and energetic people!! 

Here are a few iPhone pictures {except the top shot & last couple shots of the blog when we shot a few with a real camera for head shoots} to share from our trip!

Making this blog made me sad that I hadn't done the same with Hawaii & Mexico earlier this year...might have to make some time for that!!

So, from rocking my compression socks {worked so well to keep my flying cankles in check} in YYC airport, resort details, ootd's, lazy pool side relaxing, snapchat filtered faces, the crazy driver/ ride from the day after shoot, and all the moments between, enjoy a little piece of our trip! Oh...I also stole a couple cute selfies of Whitney from her Instagram as they are to cute not to share!

PS. If you are a ginger with piercing blue eyes, remember you are a rarity in Cuba & might acquire a few fans!