Maddy & Jarret | Downtown Calgary Wedding

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I first met Jarret at his sister's beautiful Revelstoke wedding, when he and Maddy had only been dating a short time.  It was beyond clear from the moment I saw them together, that there was something special about their love....and I remembered thinking, "Man I hope they book me if they get engaged!" and lucky me, they did!! 

They both have natural "smile faces" you know, the ones that seem to naturally sit in smiles more than any other position!? The best part about these two is the way they love one another so purposefully and intentionally. They seem to do everything intentionally, and...the way THEY want it done!

Their wedding day was no exception! 

With a lot of hard work and dedication they saw their dream come true as they hosted their own wedding right at their stunning Calgary home...and it was AMAZING! Details included:

*Crazy tasty finger foods that never seemed to stop flowing!
*EPIC live music by Matt Blais Band (who they plucked from a bar after hearing him fun!) 
*A Taco and Tequila Bar with the best guacamole EVER
*Beer Tubs for non stop drinks
*Their closest family and friends there to celebrate and dance the night away with!  

With their wedding taking place on Canada Day, my personal favourite moment of the day (aside from their emotional first look) was when we all stood together during the reception and sang O'Canada at the top of our lungs...I think I even felt that patriotic!



Venue: Couples own Calgary Home
Florist: Amborella Floral Studio
Live Band: Matt Blais
Makeup | Hair Artist: Yazbek Artistry
Wedding Dress: Paloma Blanca
Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal
Suits: Suits by Curtis Eliot
Rentals: Special Event Rentals

Emerald Lake Lodge // Christina + Adam

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They met on TINDER!!
Back in 2014, Christina and Adam exchanged text messages for a few weeks before Christina finally decided she was ready to meet Adam in person. After their first date at the Yardhouse in Kensington, a couple of beers turned into many more, and seven months later they moved in together.

Fast forward to June 2016, when Adam planned a special trip to the mountains, their favourite place to get away to, and make up for being away with work longer than usual.

"I remember at one point during the drive I held his hand and it was ice cold and Adam's hands are never cold, so I teased him about being nervous about something...little did I know what was coming next!" Christina shared.

They stopped at the viewpoint on Mount Norquay and Christina noticed a woman setting a table outside on the grass, she didn't think the table was for them until  Adam led her towards the table after the lady left. There was a sign with Christina's name on it, pointing towards the table, which was beautifully set with champagne, sandwiches, and chocolates!  There was a card under her plate that was handmade by Adam's sister, and written from Adams heart.  At the bottom of the message it read those four life changing words,

"Will you marry me?!"

Christina recalls that those were the first words that she saw and she read nothing else that came before them. She looked up and there was Adam down on one knee asking her with how owns words to marry him! Of course, with overwhelming joy she said YES!

Followed up with champagne and an evening in a cozy cabin at Storm Mountain Lodge, the day was a perfect one and it marked the beginning of their new journey together.

Christina and Adam are two of the kindest, and most gentle hearted people you will ever meet. There is an incredible strength which they both possess that is shown in the softest and most respectable way, and it's what makes them such a tremendous match for one another. Their wedding day was intimate and filled with impactful blessings that we could help notice and find great joy in.

My personal favourite moment of the whole day, was when Christina's big brother took her arm to walk her down the aisle, and suddenly behind them, the sky opened up from the overcast sky and a warm beam of sunlight shone right over them. They had lost their mom to cancer only a few short years prior and I knew in that moment, as crazy as it may sound....that it was her mom letting her know she was right there with her, by Christina's side as she walked towards Adam.

I was a MESS behind the camera and even had to step back and compose myself. When you see as many weddings as we do, you learn to understand and see the enormity of life whispering to you. You learn to see what's not too evident to everyone else and you learn that those are the moments that need preserving the most.  

I could go on and on about how much I love these two, and how wonderful...and literally PERFECT their Emerald Lake Lodge was (including them braving the canoe's for pictures!) but I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking! 




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Venue: Emerald Lake Lodge
Florist: Willow Flower Co.
Second Shooter: Michelle Marie Photography
Makeup / Hair Artist: Jenah Walcheske The Pretty Haus
Wedding/Bridesmaids Dresses: Dunrand Bridal
Grooms Suit: Custom Design from Indochino

Horsethief Canyon Engagement / Carli + Neil

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I first met Carli while shooting Ryan & Caitlin's wedding in Canmore, at the stunning Cornerstone Theatre! Carli was one of Caitlin's Bridesmaids (the whole group was absolutely amazing to work with...the best part, I booked three weddings from that one wedding!) and we hit it off right away!
At the reception that evening, Carli introduced me to Neil..her then boyfriend. We snapped a few portraits of them together and I remember Carli saying between pictures, "As soon as we get engaged, you are going to be one of my first phone calls!"  Well, she kept her word, and it was only a short while later that I got the news and inquiry from Carli, and started making plans to shoot their wedding!  

Fast forward to their engagement session that we shot in the breathtaking Horsetheif Canyon, in Drumheller, Alberta. The view out there is UNREAL and the land is so captivating to walk through. I remember feeling like we had transported far, far away from the familiar flat prairies of our farming province to the hills and deserts of Nevada! A more perfect sunset could not have been orderd to light our evening and while we were taking pictures, Dana flew the drone over us taking a video of it all!

This Saturday in front of all their family and friends, they become husband and wife at the beautiful Valley Ridge Golf Club in Calgary..and I already know I am going to be crying behind the camera.  I have said it before and I will keep saying it... getting to know my clients and then becoming friends with them is the coolest part of my job. 

Carli & Neil, 
Thank you again so much for asking me to be your photographer, for your friendships and for trusting me to capture your memories!  


Kicking Horse Mountain Wedding // Steven & Kirbi

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It was my first time going out to Kicking Horse Resort, and the drive alone is enough to make my soul feel filled, but when when we actually stepped on the top of that mountain, I was literally left speechless. This was the perfect location for this ski bunny couple, who happen to ski this hill like nobody's business! I was confused and asked Kirbi, "So....ummm where exactly are the runs that you take to get down this mountain?!?!?" She laughed as she simply and quite confidently said, "there are none, you just go!  Kirbi, an only child just like Steven, is one seriously fierce girl and learned how to ski like a rock star very quickly.  She refused to be left behind, same goes for everything in her life, and had to keep up with her very seasoned fiancee and his friends...which didn't take long! 

The morning of the wedding, we took our time touring around after the torturous gondola ride up. I am prettified of heights so I almost threw up about 29 times and poor Michelle wasn't that far behind me, as we were hanging, swinging in the wind up so freaking high! Ok, I would say "torturous" about ANY gondola ride as they scared me to death...but I refuse to let that stop me! 

The ceremony was absolutely breathtaking as it over looked a vast mountain line and the uninterrupted backdrop of all things mother nature. I kept thinking, "How blessed am I to be here right now capturing such beauty and happiness!"  I felt so small and humbled by the moment and I love that feeling, I crave it, because for me it defines that I am taking it all in, and not wasting the moments I am gifted. 

Steven and Kirbi, along with their families, were so openhearted and kind that it made everything so enjoyable the whole day. After the ceremony, and surrounded by another amazing group of people ( I just adore all the wonderful bridal parties that I have met this season) we took our time doing formals on top of the mountain! WHAT A DREAM TO SHOOT! Kirbi's cathedral vail was crazy entertaining in all the gusts of wind we had and made for some pretty funny pictures!  

I would have to say that the highlight of the day for us all was when Kirbi & Steven said they wanted to scale the rocks and walk out on the cliff for a few epic shots. It was freezing as I navigated in front of them the path we should take to get them out there. Taking every single step with caution, I got them safely situated and as I inched my way back we fired as many pictures as quickly as we could! It was an actual rush in my chest as having them out there scared my, but was a dream coming true for me and was a moment I will never forget and can't wait to try again! 

A delicious red velvet cake, indian leg wrestling leg competitions, laughter to spare and love overflowing the night was memorable and one I will be forever grateful to have been a part of. 

Thank you so much Kirbi & Steven for trusting in me and my work so deeply, and for giving me this amazing opportunity to see such beauty.  I adore you both and I knew from your Engagement Session that your wedding day was going to be so much fun! I also want to mention again how wonderful everyone at the wedding was! We felt so welcomed by both family and friend's and had an incredible time, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!! 




Venue/Catering: Kicking Horse Resort  

Rentals: Special Events & Rentals

Wedding Cake: Bland. Desserts

Florist: Golden Belle

Wedding Dress: From Cameo & Cufflinks {By Sophia Tolli}

Brides Shoes: Shoes of Prey 

Makeup & Hair Artists: Pretty Hause

Second Shooter: Michelle Marie Photography 

DJ: Southside Entertainment


Shannon Terrace Engagement || Krista & Marc

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 Meet Marc, Krista & sweet little Maggie!   

With Shannon Terrace being so close to their home, and a favourite location to walk Maggie, it was a stunning and easy location to shoot their engagement session at. I got there early and had time to walk around and enjoy the rainbow of everything Fall before they arrived. From the endless colours to the rich smell of the season that I desperately wish I could bottle up, I was filled with gratitude to have this wonderful couple to photograph on such a perfect evening! 
Marc and Krista showed up with huge smiles on their faces and ready to shoot! We took our time and moved between a few different places, but my favorite had to be the shots of them in front of the green barn door when Krista was wrapped in her plaid scarf...I am a huge plaid fan! 
The shoot went amazing and I really enjoyed getting to know and learn about these two as a couple. They are laid back and easy to chat with, which made me feel like we were already old friends!  
With their big authentic smiles and a willingness to love each other out loud, lI understood quickly that  Marc & Krista fit right into my vision of ideal clients. It truly is why engagement sessions are so important to me! I not only get the chance to know my clients as new friends but also how they are friends with each other...because in the end THAT is what I am there to capture! 


Kananaskis Engagement Photographer // Iza & Matthew

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MEET Matthew & Iza

SHE: is a Zoologist by trade

HE: played for the South African hockey team

SHE: loves Disney Movies 

HE: loves thrillers

SHE: is outgoing & crafty 

HE: is quiet, hardworking and dependable

I loved learning all about these two and what individually makes them amazing people. However, the coolest part of my job is seeing what makes couples thrive as a team. Matthew and Iza compliment one another so beautifully, and I loved reading in their questioner that they both think their loving nature is the best thing about one another. It was such a pleasure to spend an evening with them in Kananaskis (their favorite place to get away to from the city). Accompanied by their "kids" Lily & Rocko, and dog sitter/bridesmaid Trista, Dana and I got to know a lot more about this awesome couple!  

Matthew and Dana hit it off right away over their mutual love of fly fishing, while Iza and I got along like we had known each other for years. Both so easy to talk to and willing to love one other "out loud", made for a memorable evening,  to say the least.  Like so many of my couples, there was nothing needing to be forced with these two, you simply put them close to one another and their bodies naturally want to pull in close.  I think it's one of the coolest things to witness on my side of the camera. 

Along with Matthew's fly fishing rod, Iza brought one of her special heart shaped rocks. She finds a lot of them and collects everyone she can get her hands on,  so it only made sense to include one for her ring shot! Ps...crushing on her Rose Gold ring!

Thank you so much for being here.  If you are friends, family or simply checking out the blog, please leave some love for the couple below. 

On to the pictures, enjoy!