Your 2020 Year In Review

Your 2020 Year In Review


This is your Ultimate Year In Review Guide!  In this 30+ page pdf. you'll be guided through 5 categories to really bring clarity to what you experienced this past year, both personally and professionally!  This will give you actual DATA to make informed decisions about as you plan for 2021. 


If you're not even sure where to start when you think of reviewing all that 2020 was, I got you!


I have done all the work to layout a streamlined questionnaire to really get you digging into the specifics of 2020 so you can understand what worked and what didn't, where you are now, what you have to be grateful for and what wins you had, and what unexpected things came out of all the challenges that you faced!  Upon completion, you will have clarity about how to plan for 2021 and all the dreams and goals you want to work towards. 



1. Reflecting 

2. Reviewing all the pivots and unexpected changes you had to make 

3. Celebrating the wins (even the smallest of them) 

4. What you need to leave in 2020 and not bring into 2021 with you

5. Bonuses include an open-loop tracker, a list to keep track of your subscriptions,  journaling prompts, and affirmations