Designed On Purpose // Your Goal Planning Guide for 2021

Designed On Purpose // Your Goal Planning Guide for 2021


This 43-page Workbook & Goal Planning Guide is categorized into 3 parts:


Section 1. Authentically YOU - getting your mindset, core values, mission & vision aligned so you know exactly what your foundation is that you are building from. 


Section 2. Define & Align - Getting clear on what success REALLY means to you, and then defining what exactly it is you want to achieve over the next 12 months. (both personally & professionally)


Section 3. Design Your Strategy - Putting those goals into a trackable system that allows you to break everything down into weeks as you identify what you already know, what you need to learn, and the timeframe you want to do it in. 


Also included is space to:

- Define the ideal client you want to reach in 2021 & the unique advantage you have to serve them!

- Choosing your WORD OF THE YEAR and why you choose it

- Vision setting for what you want to have accomplished by December 31st, 2021

- Reviewing the organizational health of your business and systems 

- Identifying the key numbers in your personal life & business that you need to keep track of

- Scripting all your goals then choosing which matters most to bring to life over the next 12 months

- Breaking down those goals into Quarters, Months, Weeks 

- Review pages to track your progress 

and so much more! 

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