the coffee date



DURATION: 1 hour

WHERE: Online Zoom Call

Think of this as the "Can I take you for coffee to pick your brain" mentorship. The truth is that after being a successful entrepreneur who's obsessed with learning and growing for over 17 years now, I have acquired so much useful information to apply to my growth! I LOVE sharing all I learned to help others scale and grow, which is why I built a business where I have the joy and privilege to do that all the time! 


With this one-hour session, we can enjoy a little more fast-paced, yet extremely tactical and informative conversation. We will focus specifically on 1-2 questions or goals that you are needing help with. If you have more than 1-2 questions or topics to discuss, check out the other mentoring options I offer. With 60 min,  I find this much more productive and helpful rather than scratching the surface of too many topics at once. After you have paid and are scheduled in, I will email a questionnaire for you to fill out beforehand so that I can prep and make sure we get the most out of our 60 min together.


dig deep


DURATION: 3 hours ( broke up into two ,1.5 hour calls) 

WHERE: Online Zoom Call 

This is for ALL female creative entrepreneurs who feel stuck, are seeking clarity, or are experiencing overwhelmed by #allthethings they are currently doing and want to do in the future.


OVERWHELM and a lack of clear direction leads to frustration, procrastination, and can paralyze us into inaction. As Creatives, we constantly have new ideas and thoughts pulling us in so many directions, but in order to implement and execute any of them well, we first have to get CLEAR on how they line up with the things we already have dedicated our time to.


In these two 1.5 hr sessions, we will dive deep into all things YOU, and YOUR BUSINESS. We IDENTIFY/ASSESS where things are currently, and where it is you want to go. We look at both your personal and business TIME MANAGEMENT, what you are doing with your time, and how it's affecting your goals. Then we plan NEXT ACTIONABLE STEPS, the things that you need to DO in order to get the results you are after. 

Want to know the best part?

Once you get things more organized and are working both intentionally and strategically, the journey becomes fun and exciting and WAY LESS STRESSFUL!


Need more accountability because you know you won't follow through without it? I got you girlfriend! Check out the "Create & Activate Mentorship" option below, where you can add the follow-up 90 min session. In my experience, THAT'S WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS. In the follow up session we assess what you implemented, how it's working, or not working,  and what tweaks we can shift to keep the momentum going! 

* ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED and sent to you within 24 hours of the session. 



create & activate


DURATION: 6 hours over two 3 hours sessions.

WHERE: Online Zoom Call 

This is where we will take things to the next level and hold you accountable! Just like in Dig Deep, in the first 3hr session, we will dive deep into all things YOU, and YOUR BUSINESS. Hour one, we IDENTIFY/ASSESS where things are currently, and where it is you want to go. Hour two, we look at both your personal and business TIME MANAGEMENT, what you are doing with your time, and how it's affecting your goals. Then hour 3 we plan NEXT ACTIONABLE STEPS, then things that you need to DO in order to get the results you are after. 


For the second 3hr session *and what makes this package MAGIC* is that we will meet a month later to go over what you have implemented from our first session, how things are progressing, and what additional and specific things we can work on to keep propelling towards the changes you desire. 



- Link to your Zoom call recording 

- Detailed Google Doc, outlining the talking points we covered, as well as a list of questions you need to answer ending with a list of your next actionable steps to take!! 

Now, these talks can include the above mentioned but are certainly not limited to that structure at all. These sessions are lead by you and by your needs and we can work on whatever it is that you are feeling you need the help with. 

Topics for these mentorships can include, but again and are defiantly not limited to:

  • Branding & Marketing:
    Creating or fine-tuning your mission statement for ultimate clarity
    Building your ideal client profile
    Niching into your zone of genius
    Designing an amazing Client Experience
    How to communicate specifically who you are and what you do


  • Social Media Strategy: (focus on Instagram)
    Writing a killer Bio that’s clear and informative
    Designing cover photos and utilizing your Instastory Highlights
    Using Instastories to your advantage and tips on getting over your nerves
    Creating a monthly content calendar
    Knowing what to post and when
    Using Hashtags so your ideal clients can easily find you
    Curating a cohesive grid
    The power of DMing


  • Office / Logistics:
    What Studio management program I use
    Client contracts (what you should have in place)
    Client Questionnaires (what questions you should be asking your clients for)
    Designing a work schedule to fit your life if you have a home office
    Outsourcing (why you HAVE to be doing this)



90 Day


What’s included:

6 x intensive 1:1 coaching sessions (2 per month)

4- 60 min 

2 - 90 min
- Recordings of all calls sent to you for permanent access.
- Email support between calls

- Investment: $1697

The 90 Day Mentorship is an intensive, one-on-one for the multi-passionate Female Entrepreneurs who wants to confidently design an intentional business that aligns with their core values and the life they want to live!


Can I get an AMEN!

Imagine waking up feeling energized and ready to work with your ideal clients on projects you love and that bring you joy. Your business feels exciting to you because you have clarity and confidence about what exactly you do and the deeper why behind it. You also have structure and vision when it comes to ways to deliver your products or services, and your workweek includes guilt-free time for your hobbies and time with people you love the most.

You’re excited to grow your business because you’re using your Zone Of Genius and being exactly who you authentically are, to spread the vision for your work.

Girlfriend, I got you! Over these 90 days, we can eliminate overthinking, self-doubt, identify limiting beliefs, and squash indecisiveness as you get SO CLEAR on what it is you REALLY want and how you need to show up in your life to get it...and still have crazy fun along the way. This mentorship is about taking radical responsibility for where you are right now and the habits that got you here. It's about clearing any noise that's out of alignment and diluting your life's mission and purpose so you have the clarity to start running in the right direction. 


If this all sounds amazing, but you are still not 100% sure it's the right investment for you, let's jump on a quick discovery call and talk it out. You can let me know where you are at with things and I can walk you through what the process would look like on my end, and then you can go from there!