"The day we met was love at first sight, yes we are talking about our wedding photographer! Janine made use feel like old friends, like she had known us forever. Her ideas were creative and original, and it was so evident that her goal was to capture us in real moments, our own authentic connection. She was extremely supportive through the whole wedding planning process and it was evident that her number one priority was always our happiness. We could not have asked for a better experience and we just loved everything about it!"

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Jenn + Chris

Working with Janine as our photographer was the most valuable investment we made during the entire wedding process. We had never set foot in front of a professionals' camera before and were admittedly anxious about the experience and what to expect. From our first meeting and engagement session, Janine made us feel very relaxed and comfortable with her friendly presence and expertise. She played a major role in helping us organize many small details during the planning process and was always available for last minute silly questions. She helped us tailor the wedding day to our preferences so we could maximize time for pictures while still being able to relax and take time to enjoy the special memories together. One of my favourite memories from the wedding day included Janine scaling up a tall chain-link fence to remove an old rag flapping in the wind; she had to make sure our "first look" photos had a clear background! The effort she made to get to know us as a couple is reflected so clearly in all of our photos; she captured countless special moments that represent us in a truly authentic way - quirks and all. Anyone who will have the privilege of working with her in the future can feel extremely confident in her skills, experience and attention to detail. We could not be more pleased with our decision to include Janine in our wedding day and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.




"We can't stress enough what a positive experience it was working with Janine, from our first engagement session, all the way through our big day! She really knows how to put your mind at ease and have fun with it. She does this not only in front of the camera, but with other areas of the wedding day as well. Her talent and passion for what she does are so evident in the images she captures. Her deep attention to detail and sensitivity to individual circumstances have left us with multiple photographs that mean more than she could possible understand. Looking back on our wedding as a whole, there are a number of things that we totally would have done differently, done better!  Our choice in photographer, however, was something we got right on the first try. Above and beyond"


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 Michelle + Steven

"Amazing. Talented. Passionate. Professional. Humble. Hilarious. I could go on and on but none of those words even come close to describing Janine. From the day I had my first consultation with her it was like speaking with an old friend – that is how comforting and welcoming she is! She is professional, organized and immediately put my mind at ease. I was nervous and unsure if I would be able to communicate my vision, where to start my planning, or if someone I was just meeting would really be able to capture who my fiancé and I are, but with Janine’s guidance, planned and organized approach, and support (because she really is there for you from planning through to the big day) everything fell into place. She put both my fiancé and I at ease in front of the camera and we left our engagement session with sore cheeks from laughing so much. It felt like Janine was just as excited for our big day as we were and that made sharing the day with her even more special and the photos she captured even more real and authentically ‘us’. I had seen her portfolio and knew I loved her style, other wedding day photos were gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to see mine. What I didn’t expect was to have such an emotional connection through the photos. Going through my album, I was able to relive every emotion from my wedding day. She even captured some moments that I either forgot about or didn’t realize happened, which was even more incredible. It takes a good photographer to take a nice photo, but it takes an amazingly talented photographer to capture pure and raw emotion and that is exactly what Janine was able to do. I am beyond thankful that we hired Janine Deanne Photography to capture our wedding, it was the best decision we made!"

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Working with Janine meant the world to Robert and I. Not because of how fun and energetic she is, but how passionate she is about her work! Her personality met ours in every way during our wedding day. When we needed to be laughing she made us laugh. When it came time to be serious, she knew exactly how to get us there. It was so exciting getting our pictures back and seeing everyone having so much fun at our wedding. The day goes by SO FAST that we didn't have time to truely take it all in! Thanks to Janine and the amazing album she made for us,  we get to relive it every time we look through our pictures! Every page is filled with laughter and love bursting off the pages, taking us back to the story of our day! 


"It's so easy to fall in love with Janine both as a photographer and a person! She made our entire experience such a joy that we completely forget it's one of the most stressful day of your life! She's exciting, full of ideas and genuinely the happiest person we have met! Not to mention...she'll save a bride from passing out during the wedding day by feeding her chocolate and hydrating her with lots of water (thanks again girl!) We would book Janine again in a heartbeat " 

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