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How long have we been shooting weddings and how many do we shoot each year?

This is the 11th season of weddings for Janine Deanna Photography and with an average of 20-25 weddings each season, we have had the privilege of shooting over 200 weddings so far!

What’s in our camera bags:

I've written a blog post on this! Click HERE to read more.

What happens if one of us gets sick (like deathly sick) and can’t shoot your wedding?

The benefit of hiring two professional photographers is that if one of us goes down for some very serious reason (which has yet to ever happen) then there is another pro ready to shoot the day, without the quality being affected in any way. We would also pull in one of our personally trained second shooters to the shoot with us. We have shot many times with our small group of second shooters and they are trained to know our style and shoot for that result.

What happens if we get rained out on the wedding day?

Mother Nature can be unpredictable and such a downer sometimes! With this in mind, we encourage all our couples to have CLEAR...not black, but CLEAR umbrella’s for them to use on the wedding day. Each couple should have their own umbrella. Example; if there are 12 in total (including the couple) then buy 7 umbrellas (1 extra in case) and then keep the tags on and the receipt handy in case you don't use them and can return them! Here is the link to some clear umbrellas on Amazon that couples have bought in the past: https://amzn.to/2KLQBtC

Do we shoot destination weddings?

Oh YES!! We absolutely LOVE shooting destination weddings and our passports are always on standby! We shoot a selected number of destination weddings each season and are always looking to expand the places on the globe we can visit! At the top of our list is Croatia, Iceland, Ireland, and Greece! If we have never been to your destination wedding location, we offer 20% off our collection as a ‘first time’ rate. Our collections for out of province/country weddings are typically customized as ‘one size fits all’ never really seems to look good on anyone! Contact me with any details that you already have and I will start building from there. To view our destination weddings gallery and learn more about this package, click HERE.

How long does it take to get your gallery delivered?

It depends on which month you get married, but typically you can expect to see your full gallery within a 6-8 week window. A small batch of teasers come the very next day!

How many images do we deliver for e-sessions?

On average 75

What is a first look and should we be doing one?

This is totally your call and we shoot about 75% first looks and 25% traditional timelines. Before you make the call though, check out this super informative blog post to make sure that you understand FIRST LOOK timelines involve WAY MORE than simply seeing one another BEFORE wedding ceremony.

How much time do we need for pictures throughout the day?

One of our favourite parts of the wedding photography process is to work with our couples to create the perfect timeline! After booking, we set up a Skype call. On the call we go through all the details you already have, identify the logistics and then design a timeline around your details, The timeline will include flexibility, fluidity and buffer times in a way that helps our couples to FEEL PRESENT during the day and not rushed and anxious about moving from one thing to the next .

Do your prices include tax?

No, our prices do not include tax the same way that when you look at a price tag at a store, the tax will be added at the register. All prices are subject to GST as per Alberta Law.

How many images will I get?

On average, we estimate around 75 images per hour of shooting (approx 750 - 800 ish for a full day wedding with 2 photographers); sometimes more sometimes less. We try not to give a guaranteed number of images because it varies wildly from wedding to wedding. Numbers depend on how much time we’re shooting (traveling being considered), the number of details you require to be photographed, the number of locations we travel to and the amount of time we have at each spot. Also, we really have to consider in the cooperation and organization of the subjects we are photographing . You think you are super awkward in photos...how can I make you look good? 90% of the couples who book me say, " we are so awkward in front of the camera". So please know you are not alone. All the images you see of mine are everyday couples, just as nervous as you may be. After shooting for over 10 years I have learned how to identify authenticity quickly and pursue it throughout the shoot. I have learned how to read people's comfortability and...I also ask you in a pre-session questionnaire to share any insecurities with me so I can shoot around them as best I can! I have learned over the years how to create a safe environment for your natural love and connection to take place. Trust me on this, I got your back ;)

Can we bring our dog(s) to our pictures?

From one fur child-parent to another, YES, YOU CAN! I LOVE my dog and he's such a huge part of our lives, so I get 100% wanting to have them as part of the pictures too! I have even created a PUPPY PREP-PDF for anyone bringing their puppy so that we can make it as awesome as possible!

Colour or Black & White?

We use our discretion as to whether we process an image in colour or black and white. Some things just don’t look good in colour but black and white is breathtaking. Approximately 90-95% of the images are in colour and about 5-10% are in black and white, at our discretion.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept email money transfer (preferred) as well as credit card.

Can I just book an engagement session?

Yup! You sure can. A la carte engagement sessions are available with me, Janine. I love encouraging my couples to pick a location that they feel will provide the perfect backdrop for their love story. Important to note *Engagement sessions are booked exclusively on weekdays (Monday through Thursday) and they take place at either sunrise or an hour before sunset. View my engagement gallery and read more about this service HERE.

Can I print my photos myself?

Absolutely - you sure can! We give our clients full print release for personal use. Display them and share them however you'd like! The only exclusions are any reproduction for commercial or promotional use. Have more questions about this? Please feel free to contact us HERE.

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