- separated into 2 sessions that are 3hrs each. Includes both Dana & Janine

WHERE: Skype Session or in person in Olds, Alberta

This is where we will take things to the next level! In the first 3hr session, you, myself and Dana, will dive deep into all things YOU, and YOUR BUSINESS. I am super excited to bring Dana on for this mentorship package! He has an incredible marketing mind and brings to the table his gift of seeing things outside the box, something that has served us very well in our own businesses. It’s helped up reach our ideal clients over and over again as well as stand out amongst others in a saturated industry.

Again these talks can include but are certainly not limited to the suggestions below. Although we have these suggested topics, these sessions are lead by you and by your needs.
We are totally open to work through whatever it is that you are needing help with!.

For the second 3hr session we will meet about a month later to go over what you have implemented from our first session, how things are progressing and what additional things we can work on to keep propelling your forward.

Topics for these mentorships can include, but are not defiantly not limited to:

  • Branding & Marketing:
    Creating or fine tuning your mission statement for ultimate clarity
    Building your ideal client profile
    Niching into your zone of genius
    Designing an amazing Client Experience
    Designing packages/pricing to book your ideal clients
    How to communicate specifically who you are and what you do

  • Social Media Strategy: (focus on Instagram)
    Writing a killer Bio that’s clear and informative
    Designing cover photos and utilizing your Instastory Highlights
    Using Instastories to your advantage and tips on getting over your nerves
    Creating a monthly content calendar
    Knowing what to post and when
    Using Hashtags so your ideal clients can easily find you
    Curating a cohesive grid
    The power of DMing

  • Office / Logistics:
    What Studio management program I use
    Client contracts (what you should have in place)
    Client Questionnaires (what questions you should be asking your clients for)
    Designing a work schedule to fit your life if you have a home office
    Outsourcing (why you HAVE to be doing this)

  • Photography & Editing:
    What’s in my camera bag
    When and why I use specific lenses
    What Editing software I use
    Designing a file backup system and storage for all your clients images & documents