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It's a 7 week, small-group mentorship for female entrepreneurs who are not afraid to dig a little deeper and do the internal work to feel more confident in who they are as business owners, who they serve and how to incredibly serve them.


It's about identifying and let go of the limiting beliefs holding them back and getting crystal clear on their core values so they can start designing a life and business that allows them the clarity to prioritize what matters most. 

NEXT CLASS Runs from May 10th - June 28th

Zoom Calls are every Monday & Thursday  from 

11:00 - 12:30 

(All calls will be recorded and available for multiple repays)

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any chance you're

  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed with all your
    TO-DO's (both personal & business)

  • Feeling totally out of balance with work/life 

  • Investing in courses and programs you don't

  • Lacking clarity with what steps to take next in your business

  • Unclear on your deeper purpose and how to show up for it

  • You don't have a Vision or Mission statement for your life, and/or business

  • Unclear or who exactly you are serving, and how your business is unique and stands out from  your competition

  • Limiting beliefs that keep you playing small

  • Lack of motivation or creativity to grow your business to the next level

  • Wanting to be a part of a likeminded Sisterhood for support and encouragement

  • Lacking consistent income 

  • You are multi-passionate and unsure what direction to move in next


Meet Your Mentor

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Hey Beautiful

Here's a bit about me!

I've been an entrepreneur my whole life, and I couldn't imagine it any other way! Starting with my Boutique Hair Salon where I met and served many amazing clients, to my International Wedding Photography business that's been my bread & butter for the past decade. 


I have developed a deep passion for female entrepreneurs who want to design a life where they use their unique gifts to serve others and still have time to be a good mama, partner, friend, and all the other roles that make each woman unique. 

I never started out thinking I would become a coach, and the way I see it, coaching found me. Through YEARS of learning, growing, and implementing others' wisdom into my own life and business, I've been able to use that wisdom, combined with my personal experiences, to really get to the heart of helping other women.


Helping, by SIMPLIFYING. Many of us make our lives much more overwhelming than it needs to be. I have experienced first hand that I needed someone else eyes on my life and business to help me see what I was too close to see myself. I was too close to my work to really see the imbalance I had created and the ripple effect it was having on every part of my life.


It took a coach speaking into my life about my business and the junk drawer of lies, limiting beliefs, and self-shaming conversations that I was not addressing, for me to start doing the work to make a lasting and sustainable change. 

Once I experienced that fundamental shift in my own life, I knew I wanted to be a person who helped other women achieve the same thing...which was how Simplify To Clarify came to life. 


  • 13 Live Coaching Zoom Calls

  •  Live Q&A Support Zoom Calls

  • Calls are every Mon & Thur @ 11:00am  for 1.5 hours

  • Private Facebook Sisterhood

  • Group Size of 10 or less for an intimate setting

  • 6 In-depth, Beautifully Crafted Workbooks (you'll love them!)

  • Recordings of all Zoom Calls for playback 


  • Live, 2-hour Real-Time Group Goal Setting Exercise

  • 1-hour personal dig deep Coaching Session with me. 




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My time in Simplify To Clarify was truly life-changing.  Cliche sounding I know, but I don't know how else to describe how I feel.  I joined the course at a time in which I was feeling unmotivated and stagnant and I'm finishing the course with renewed passion and confidence in exactly what
it is that I have to offer my clients and what I need to do to serve them best.  I'm not really sure what I was expecting when I joined...I guess I was just looking for guidance in a time of uncertainty. 

Janine blew my expectations out of the water.  I think as business owners we forget that WHO WE ARE ties very importantly into how we serve. It's not simply offering a product/service and selling it.  By examining what matters most to us, we are able to clarify our message, become more authentic in all our interactions, and build relationships.  This course is all about digging deep into our core values, our limiting beliefs, and understanding what exactly holds us back from success.  The biggest surprise was the sense of community that was felt through the weekly meetings.  These like-minded women have become my tribe. There was definitely a sense of community over competition.  We celebrated victories. Problem solved pain points.  And we each held each other accountable to get the things done that we said we were going to get done.  At the end of the day, the knowledge I gained and the growth I experienced on a personal level helped to drive my business forward more than it had in quite some time.  I'm sad to see the course coming to an end but I know that the work won't ever stop. I am moving forward with plans to review all the info from the STC workbooks on an annual basis
because it simply is that good!  If you are on the fence, seriously...just jump in.

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Simplify to Clarify

Why not invest in yourself and let this be your FRESH START!

Program Overview

Here's how I will help you get there...


Intro to Mindset & developing your own Mindfulness Practice 

 Identifying your limiting beliefs & learning how to use Reframing to shift to a positive narrative

Breaking down Imposter Syndrom & seeing yourself for who you REALLY are

* Defining your CORE VALUES (this is SO GOOD) 


Discovering your purpose and what you are here to do

Understanding how important Courage is to Live out your Purpose

Creating the bigger Vision Statment for your Business 

Creating a supporting Mission Statment to bring that Vision to life


Diving DEEP into identifying WHO YOU ARE SERVING through your business. We work through designing an extensive Ideal Client Avatar so that you know your I.C.A better than they know themselves and where your passion meets their pain points

Discovering your Unique Connection Advantage and how you can use that to serve your Ideal Clients as no one else can 


PART 1: First we address YOU the business owner and what adjustments you need to make in order to be able to show up the best you can for your clients

PART 2: Then we dive into the A-Z of how your Ideal Client experiences your business from the moment they find you to the lasting taste you leave in their mouth. As we do this we identify UNIQUE & SPECIAL ways in which you can level up the way you SHOW UP to serve your Ideal Clients 


Learning to let go of "BUSY" and stop owning it as an identity

Setting your life & business up to bring in the help you need so you can really start growing and seeing change 

Discovering your ZONE OF GENIUS and how to make room in your life to work from that unique to your Skillset. 


Defining what Perfectionism REALLY might be surprised by what you learn! Using activities to identifying the specific places it's showing up in your daily life and the actual effect it's having on holing you back. Then, we learn how to move away from those PERFECTIONIST tendencies by moving towards and adopting habits of a GROWTH mindest so we can thrive and scale! 

Enrol today!

TOTAL INVESTMENT $1197 - or 2 payment plans.


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have any questions?



I like your style!

this is for you if....

  • You know you are called for more in this life and just need to figure out the next steps to get you there

  • You want to declutter and lessen the load of extra "stuff" that doesn't serve you so that you have the time to invest in what really does

  • You are ready to level up your business by really understanding whom you serve and how to serve them uniquely well

  • You want a MINDSET RESET so you have the clarity to start making decisions that build a life and business you love.

  • You no longer except that feeling of being STUCK and are ready to move past it with a game plan to never feel stuck again.  

investment made easy

TOTAL VALUE $1197 - or 2 payment plans.




Somewhere along the way things have gotten overwhelming and blurry for you. You started your business to be your own boss, have more freedom with loved ones, and not feel tied to a schedule that controls you. Yet, here you are drowning in to-do’s, stressed, working without boundaries, in need of support, and unsure of where to invest your precious time for the most impact.


 I know how you feel because I lived this way for far too long. 


 I know what it’s like to feel defeated yet want so desperately to show up better for myself, my family and the women I want to have an impact on. I know what it feels like to wear so many hats yet feel not good enough for any of them. I know what binge buying “do-it-yourself” courses, books and content for some kind of outside validation or answers looks like.


 Here’s the thing, nothing worked for me until I was willing to look INSIDE MYSELF for the answers that have been there all along. 


Out of exhaustion, and hitting dead end after dead end, I knew I needed to come back to ME. I knew I had to do the work to really get to know MYSELF, for who I am today. I needed to strip away all the things I was chasing that were not in alignment with what I really wanted. 

 Here’s the most important part. I had to go back to basics and REALLY DEFINE what it I truly wanted. Not what Instaram wanted, not what society told me I wanted, but what I, Janine Deanna, really want my life to look like now and in the future. 


*Once I got crystal clear and was able to breathe new life into what my highest values & purpose truly is, the blurriness was lifted. I have always felt called for more and now I can start to see clearer than ever how to make choices that are more in alignment with that calling.  


I want you to feel this clarity too. I want us to use this time to come back to the reason you started this business in the first place. For you to have clarity and a well defined purpose around what results and experiences  you want for those you serve. I also want your work to be a place of fun, creativity and have the intended impact you desire. Above all, I want you to feel like you are living in alignment with your highest values and making massive steps towards your biggest dreams.

Janine Deanna