Waikiki Beach // Chad & Brittney

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I met Brittney through my sweet Bride (and now friend) Caitlin, as Brittney stood up in Ryan & Caitlin's Canmore wedding last season!  Shortly after the wedding I opened up an email from Britt, asking me if I wanted to come to Hawaii to photograph her sister's wedding.  



 Let me think about that for a minute.


We worked out all the details and in just over a months time we were on a plane to Honolulu...someone pinch me! I LOVE MY JOB!!! My dear friend Chelsie of Chelsie Graham Photography, joined me as a second shooter/travel buddy/partner in crime/shenanigan finder/explorer and so much more! GOOD LORD THIS WAS A FANTASTIC TRIP!!! THANK YOU Chelsie for coming and giving up time with your family to enjoy this time with me, I truly appreciate it! 

The day after the wedding, on our way home from the rainforest shoot with Tannis and Damien, we met Chad and Brittney on the Waikiki beach for some couples shots.  No these two stunning humans are not engaged.....yet!!! If while looking through the blog you find yourself thinking, "HOLY Brittney looks amazing!", here is one of the reasons why!  This girl does Yoga, WHILE ON A PADDLE BOAD IN THE WATER!!  It takes incredible balance and strength and yet she still makes it look so easy, YA RIGHT!  Check her out on Insta at: brittannjames for some beautiful pictures! 

Here are a few shots from our evening beach session! THANK YOU Brittney for asking me to be a part of Tannis and Damiens wedding, I am head over heels for those two unreal people and so proud to call them friends!  This trip was perfect and photographing their wedding will be a memory that I will NEVER forget! THANK YOU /  THANK YOU  / THANK YOU!!! 

No better way to end the night than hugging into the people you are there to celebrate! 

Honolulu Adventure Session // Tannis & Damien

The day after Damien & Tannis' beautiful wedding. we cabbed it up the winding mountain side to find a spot for their adventure session. Through all those twists and turns, I was busy trying not to lose my lunch in the back seat, hanging my head out the window for any skiff of breeze I could feel across my face. 
I get car sick way to easily! 

We passed by a runner on the roadside, and as we pulled over to ask for directions, {which I believe was a complete serendipity} he said, "follow me 15 min down the road to lovers swing, it's perfect!" So...we did, and he was right.  It was a beautiful and quiet corner, with the perfect little swing hanging there, just waiting for us! We spent the better part of 3 hours walking along the road and adventuring into the rainforest, where there are simply endless options to utilize. The beauty of the Oahu island is breathtaking and so welcoming. I can't wait for another reason to head back
to this incredible island. 

Shout out to Chelsie for being an absolute rock star and helping out...and I am still so sorry for the chickenpox look that came to fruition about 2 days later...next time we hit the rainforest, we will remember our bug spray ;)