Kananaskis Engagement Photographer // Iza & Matthew

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MEET Matthew & Iza

SHE: is a Zoologist by trade

HE: played for the South African hockey team

SHE: loves Disney Movies 

HE: loves thrillers

SHE: is outgoing & crafty 

HE: is quiet, hardworking and dependable

I loved learning all about these two and what individually makes them amazing people. However, the coolest part of my job is seeing what makes couples thrive as a team. Matthew and Iza compliment one another so beautifully, and I loved reading in their questioner that they both think their loving nature is the best thing about one another. It was such a pleasure to spend an evening with them in Kananaskis (their favorite place to get away to from the city). Accompanied by their "kids" Lily & Rocko, and dog sitter/bridesmaid Trista, Dana and I got to know a lot more about this awesome couple!  

Matthew and Dana hit it off right away over their mutual love of fly fishing, while Iza and I got along like we had known each other for years. Both so easy to talk to and willing to love one other "out loud", made for a memorable evening,  to say the least.  Like so many of my couples, there was nothing needing to be forced with these two, you simply put them close to one another and their bodies naturally want to pull in close.  I think it's one of the coolest things to witness on my side of the camera. 

Along with Matthew's fly fishing rod, Iza brought one of her special heart shaped rocks. She finds a lot of them and collects everyone she can get her hands on,  so it only made sense to include one for her ring shot! Ps...crushing on her Rose Gold ring!

Thank you so much for being here.  If you are friends, family or simply checking out the blog, please leave some love for the couple below. 

On to the pictures, enjoy!