Drumheller Engagement Session // Carli & Neil

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Meet Carli & Neil! 

I had the privilege of meeting and working with Carli, at Ryan & Caitlin's wedding in Canmore last season. She was the MOH and survived the very chilly outdoor pictures that we captured for the wedding!  {pic below} It was at the reception that evening where I met Neil, and his awesome beard...which clearly I appreciate! The three of us popped out after dinner and I captured some couple pics of these two love birds.  I remember Carli saying, "I will be calling you as soon as we get engaged!" and that she did!  I was over the moon excited when I got the message that they were engaged and asking me to be their photographer!! YES YES YES, I was so thrilled!  There is something so wonderful about getting to work with couples that you already have gotten to know, and have already had in front of your camera as well!  

Dana and I met these two out at the scenic Horsethief Canyon, as it's close to where Carli grew up.  It was a dream to shoot out there and the landscape lent itself as the best backdrop possible. I am sure the session went about an hour longer, maybe more, than normal, but I couldn't help myself.  The setting sun, the soft breeze, and these two beautiful people, and my camera in my hands......the things that make up the perfect equation for amazing photos.  I was in heaven the whole time and so thankful for their willingness to let Dana and I indulge in the moment.  Dana brought out the video gear and we took some drone and ground footage from the shoot, which you can see here


Now, on to the pictures...enjoy! 


I want to give a huge thank you to my best friend and love Dana, for coming out and capturing some amazing drone & osmo video footage of our time in the badlands!

Your talent never stops amazing me and I can't thank you enough for all you do! 


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You can't tell how high I actually am in this shot, that Dana took from with the drone, but I am at the highest point you can climb....almost peeing my pants I was so scared!  I had to go up there before Carli & Neil arrived so that I knew it was safe to bring them all the way up there as well!  

Here is a shot from R & C's wedding where I first met Carli! Shout out to all these amazing girls who I had the privilege of working more with after this wedding and will even be shooting another one of their weddings!! 

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