Beauty products to take on your next vacation!

After a number of sunny destination weddings under my belt, there are a few beauty essentials that I can't live without. So naturally I wanted to share them with you guys! Below are my fav's from my recent trip to Cuba {click here to see the full blog post} with Whitney Cowan Photography for Nick & Kirsteen's amazing wedding. 



 I always try to bring something along that is "beachy" or "water" friendly. Like this fun new "Totally Beachin' kit from TIGI {ie. smoothing, clarifying, frizz control etc.} This also includes a clarifier {pictured below..but I only take a small container of it to avoid any extra weight} called "Kenra Clairifying Shampoo" that smells amazing, to strip my hair of any of the chemicals from the pool/hot tub. Then a rich moisturizing conditioner to dump the moisture back in! I probably use the leave in conditioner the most as it's such a treat! TIGI's Bed Head Beach Freak Moisturising Detangler Sprayis a milky formula that works to soften, nourish and moisturize dry hair.



If you have any natural curl/wave in your hair, you may want to consider working with your curl, instead of against it, trying to tame the fuzz beast! When I started to embrace my natural waves in tropical locations, it opened up a whole new world of hair for me! I call it my "vacay only" hair. So now I bring a curl enhancer, like the Kardashian Curl Defining Cream Gel, and my blowdryer with diffuser, to really work that curl to it's fullest potential. Go big or go home right! Now, in order to wear this look for a few days, I make sure to bring along a travel sized dry shampoo to keep the roots happy between washes! 

13234752_10157149329420001_750678501_o (1).jpg


This was the first time I had seen the Honey Bronze Summer Dry Oil from The Body Shop, and it was love at first application. The perfect amount of shimmer {I have a problem with obnoxious amounts of body glitter...we are not in a strip club people, take it down a notch} Leaves skin soft to the touch, bronzed in appearance with just the right amount of shimmer.  Amps up the effects of your hard day of tanning and makes for the best legs and arms when you head out for the evening



I am a spray on Sun Screen kinda gal, which is a preference and not for everyone I know.  A few years ago I was in California and came across the Sun Bum Line in a local swim suit boutique, and feel in love with it all. We had to purchase a very expensive pair of Bob Marly coloured swimming trunks for Dana, after realizing we had left his at home! I still break into "Don't worry Be Happy" every time I see them! 30 SPF is good for me as I am an "all day applier".  I have come to know the feeling of my skin when it's about to be burnt and simply reapply as needed. With the spray it's easy to apply and way less messy I find.  I do go through more, but feel it's worth it.  Along with the sunscreen there is the Cool Down Aloe spray and it makes for the sexiest shinny legs after a day of putting in some serious sun hours.  All Sun Bum products are now available in Canada at Shopper Drug Mart, including the hair line {depending on the location 



Sleeping out of your own bed can be tricky enough, so bringing something familiar that you do at home, can mentally help the transition of sleeping in a totally different environment. I love Young Living's Peace & Calming Essential Oil, and each night I give my pillow and wrists a few drops and off to la la land I go.  So ,I make sure to bring that along on all my trips. You can also use Lavander or any other calming oil you may prefer.  As well I bring a small fleece blanket with me. I was finding that the airconditioning in the rooms was quite chilly at night and I was always cold with the skimpy sheet/blanket option they have at most resorts.  I don't trust the "back-up" closet blanket to be recently washed, and wouldn't want to use it unless I had me a snob, but I just can't!  The blanket can also double as a travel buddy on the plane, where I am always cold! 

For my hands and feet I use HEMP Intensive Hand Butter, also from the Body Shop. Whether on the beach or around the pool, I tend to walk around a lot at the resort in my bare feet, which can do a number on them.  Also, there is a really good chance that, like myself, you too will get a fresh pedi to rock while on vacay! Your heels/bottoms of feet most likely have been sanded, scrubbed down or shaved off {man that's gross how much skin they can get off} and NEED the extra moisturized added back into them and that fresh new exposed skin!

As for the cute seashell below, I found that on our adventure and brought it home for Mateya! 



A travel MUST.  Think about it. No mascara or eyelash curler needed. No eyeliner needed. Waking up looking alive and bright eyed right off the hop. No Alice Cooper face in the pool while others are struggling to wipe off water proof stuff...that's only good to stop tears and not an afternoon in the pool! Best decision I ever made was eyelash extensions for traveling! I get mine done at Blink Bar by Vanessa!! 


It's been a fav of mine for a long time, Melaleuca Sun Shades Lip Balm in Vanilla Bean. I love the coverage and the nourishing moisturizer it leaves on my lips! It's also currently coming in a bunch of fun flavours!


Sometimes a change up in your diet, whether that be eating more than usual, drinking more than usual {hello all inclusive} or even trying different foods, can cause your tummy to have an angry agenda....Just because YOU have to deal with that, doesn't mean your roomie should have to. Or, it could simply be out of curtesy of not wanting to share the fact that you just had to pinch a loaf, with anyone who's in the vicinity! Bring along a scent-covering buddy, like Poo~Pourri or scented candles.  The spritz can and should just sit in the bathroom as suggested usage for all!  The candles can also be used in that fashion, or.... my personal choice {thanks Whitney for bringing us each one}, is as a bedside touch of cozy feeling, while reading before bed {and by reading I clearly mean prepping all my Instagram posts for when I get to the wifi in the lobby the next morning, let's be honest here} 


Sunscreen SUNSCREEN Sunscreen ~ specifically for my face, so I don't break out like a pre-pubescent teen! It was the first time using the R & D Broad Spectrum SPF 55 Sunscreen {from the reverse line} and I loved it.  It's not greasy or sticky feeling and went on easy feeling like normal moisturizer, which I loved!  Normally I would end up with a red or even burnt nose or chin ~ even after applying sunscreen to my face, but this time, I came home burn free. 



TART Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boosting Mist I have this guy on me at all times...esp poolside!  Simply for a "pick me up" from the tropical sun. I absolutely love the feeling of spritzing my face with something full of nutrients to give me an insta-cool down. 



Aftersun body care is the soothing and uniquely formulated ALOE Gel Lotion from Bath & Body Works!  This product feels so soft and silky all while infusing aloe into your skin post-sun! BRILLIANCE! Comes in a number of different scents and leaves skin feeling so moisturized and healed from the Aloe. 

Dove dry spray.  White crusty pits. EW. Do yourself and fav. and step out of the early 2000's - make the switch to spray deod. already! It works like a charm to stop the sweating, smells so fresh and clean, is insta-dry, doesn't transfer to your clothing and zero white crusties. Other brands have come out with similar dry sprays, but I choose Dove because I support who they are as a company and the beautiful message they send to women everywhere!

"At Dove, we have a vision of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. Our mission is to ensure the next generation grows up enjoying a positive relationship with the way they look – helping girls raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential"




As much as we all want to look cute and kill it on every outfit head-to-toe, the truth is that you NEED to bring a supportive pair of sandals with you, like my trusty Berkenstock's from Soft Moc. I usually travel in these as they are the best support while lugging all my crap to and from the destination, as well as they are easy to slip on and off while on the plane. I like them for all the exploring we do around the resort as well as any extensive walking we may do that requires shoes somewhere between full on runners and cute strappy sandals. 

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Keeping things travel sized is key to us over packers, and also keeps that resort bathroom "cosmetics tornado" down to a minimum. {little tip: While unpacking my cosmetics in the bathroom,  I unwrap a water cup and store all my brushes in there for the week for easy access} Then your hubby/friend can have a stitch of space for stuff...I guess!  Most of my fav's come in mini/travel sizes {thank you Sephora} and they always stay in my travel case after we get home so they are there waiting for the next trip!   

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Of course, something that you don't think about until you are laying on your pool chair super annoyed that the wind is being so rude, blowing your business all over the place. I saw these fun clamps on the girls chair beside me and was insta-jealous. Why? Because I was being B*@$H smacked by my towle, while starfishing my whole body in an attempt to pin all 4 corners down!  I will never know where she got them as English was not something we had in common, but I have linked a few HERE that would work! 

13234774_10157149330045001_1248570057_o (1).jpg


I always have 2 bags. Bag #1 The bigger beach/pool bag {Stella & Dot Hudson Tote Meduim} that has my sunscreen, phone, magazines, sunnies, lip chap, money,  earphones and scarf/wrap in it. It's also my purse for traveling on the plane as it holds everything I need for the trip to and from the destination. Bag #2 - the versatile clutch with removable strap {City Slim Clutch}. This is simply for my phone, room key. lip gloss and $$...lunches or evenings out. I like the strap if I am eating at the buffet as carrying a purse through there is super annoying, but I like a clutch style for the fancier A La Carte evening dinners. I like to keep it classy like that ;) 

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I hope this helped you guys in some way to be better equipped the next time you are off on vacation!