Kananaskis Engagement // Jesse + Maracella


Thank goodness I drank that extra coffee, as it forced me to pull over in my travels to find a bathroom! I was on my way to Barrier Lake in Kananaskis area and came across the perfect location for Jesse + Marcella's engagement shoot just off the side of the road!  Which turned out to be a huge serendipity as the spot we were meeting up at, was closed for the season...always a GREAT REMINDER why I arrive an hour earlier then the couple to scout out locations! 

I had the privilege of meeting Jesse through Jared & Bailey last summer as he was a groomsman in their wedding!  I also had the WORST time trying to tell Jesse and his IDENTICAL twin brother apart!! Really something I will have to figure out before their wedding day next fall :) 

 The shoot was so much fun as we had the perfect location with all natures stunning elements. My heart jumped out of my chest as I came over to the little cliff, looked over and saw the teal water begging me to come down! Maracella & Jesse were incredibly easy going (which I am always so thankful for) and came prepared for their shoot with fun easy props that help tell the story of THEM. I also LOVED the bright red nails, statement necklace and plaid scarf that Maracella rocked as those added details make a catchy addition to the pictures! 

 It's never lost on me how blessed I am to be trusted by such awesome couples  to capture one of the best and most important days of their lives!              

THANK YOU Jesse & Marcella ~ can't wait for next fall!!