Canmore Engagement session // Patrick + Kristen


Meet Kristen & Patrick! 

She is a brilliant graduate student, with a wicked sense of humour.  He is a humble, yet extremely intelligent marine engineer....who also happens to have a goofy sense of humour as well. Match made in heaven!! 

We spent the afternoon out in Canmore capturing these two in their relaxed element as this "formal picture taking" business was new to them, like it is for many couples!  I remember Kristen asking me if I thought it was ok for them to come in their hiking gear as it wasn't very dressy?!?! After doing this so many wonderful times I know one thing for sure... The more comfortable clients feel in their own element, the more authentic and real the pictures turn out!  I encouraged them to come as they wanted in their fav gear, as these pictures are FOR THEM! My concern isn't, "how will this look on my blog", but instead, "how can I provide an experience that makes them feel the most at home through this process?"  I fell in love with these two and the soft joy and energy that they so deeply share with each other. Makes me so excited to be there as they say I DO back in Canmore this July! 

FASHION SIDE BAR: I wanted to point out Kristen's PERFECTLY SLOUCHED TOQUE!  I LOVED how it fit and wanted to share the link with you guys incase you fall in love with it like I did!  I always find it weird to make my winter hats the right amount of slouchy in the back...this is a brilliant solution! 


How they met:  We met at a Scout Jamboree on Prince Edward Island in 2001. We were both waiting in line for an arcade with our groups. My group was joking around and Patrick's group joined us. In the arcade Patrick and I ended up playing foosball and table hockey together. We kept in touch as friends via letter/email/and instant message (Pat is from BC, and I was in Calgary) until we met again in 2003 when his family visited Calgary. We dated long distance until 2010 (having a Dad who was a pilot was very helpful!) when Patrick moved to Calgary.

We didn't really have a formal proposal. We had talked for years about getting married in the future, and had thought maybe when I was done grad school (5+ years). We were celebrating my acceptance to Grad school one night (February 2014) when I realized that we would be leaving Calgary and that we most likely would never live there again. We had always talked about getting married in Canmore and so decided to put a date on our plans and settled on Summer 2016. So not very romantic, but it was a practical, joint decision and I'm happy it turned out that way.


Kristen about Patrick:  If I had to pick one thing, and one thing only, it would be his wonderfully goofy sense of humour!  He is also a very kind and selfless person who is always very supportive!

Patrick about Kristen: A  big part of why I love Kristen, is that she can really make me laugh! Whether we are poking fun at each other or commenting on the world around us... she is such a funny person and I love that about her!