#1- You look around my site and get all warm and fuzzy inside, which means we are probably a great match. Lucky me! Next you can click over the the contact page and give me the details of your day. 

#2- I will email you back either way to let you know my availability. If I am free and feel we are a great match, we will to set up a coffee/Skype meeting to talk details.  If I am already booked, I will do my best to message you back with a referral for one of my awesome collages!

#3 The meeting goes fantastic, you leave feeling full of joy and like you just made a new friend.  You both agree that I have wowed you with my special wedding photographer powers {aka my bank of experience from shooting over a hundred weddings} and you feel confident that I am the one you want there to capture your memories. 

#4 You email me to let me know we are making it official.  I do a happy dance while sitting at my desk!

#5 I will email you an online contract to sign and then a $1500.00 non- refundable SECURE YOUR DATE deposit is required to OFFICIALLY BOOK YOU IN. It can be sent via email transfer to: janinedeanna@yahoo.ca.


#6 Now that you are booked, I will email you a "Get to Know You" form, as I genuinely want to become friends with you! Since I am asking you for your details, it's only fair to answer the same questions about myself!  At this point we will go over a loose timeline layout so that you are able to plan accordingly for the ceremony and reception times. One of my strengths is helping my couples understand how to layout their timelines to maximize coverage of their day. 

#7 I will then email you about setting up your engagement session, which is included in each of my collections. I will also include an Engagement Info pdf. for you to feel totally prepared and ready to rock your shoot. {FYI. There may be travel fees involved depending on the location} 


 #8 It's E-session time! I LOVE engagement sessions as they give me the opportunity to see who you are as a couple. I get to see your love in action, and get you comfortable in front of my camera. Engagement sessions as a "test-run", to address any concerns and make sure that I am as prepared as possible for the wedding. Trust me when I tell you that these engagement pictures will be a cherished part of your memories. It's from a moment in time when anticipation is at its height and your whole lives are ahead of you.

E-Session images will be delivered within 2-3 weeks of shoot date

#9 One month prior to your wedding, we connect to discuss the timeline of the day. After nailing down those details I will send you an official "Wedding Day Timeline" pdf. If you are working with a wedding planner, I will gladly connect with them to make sure we are all in harmony with how the day is laid out. 

#10 Wedding day! You wear your dream dress ~ he combs his hair, you pledge your lives to one another in front of all the people you love, and I am probably crying behind the camera! Dont worry your pictures won't be blurry ;) 

Congratulations my sweet friends, you are married! 

I will spend the day capturing the big moments, the itty bitty details, laughter, and all that happens in between. 

#11 Within the next 2 days you will get 2 sneak peak images, that may work perfectly as a new profile pic and cover photo for Facebook....just saying!  In 6-7 weeks after the wedding you will receive all your edited images via
PASS GALLERY for you to relive the memories of your wedding!

From there you will choose your favorite 70 images to be used in your wedding album. {I will walk you through that}  

#12 I will design then confirm the layout of your Fine Art Album with you, prior to placing the official order. Once you send me the thumbs up ~ I place the order and within 2 months of ordering it, you will be holding your precious wedding day keep sake in your hands. Believe me, these albums are stunning! Each time I have delivered an album, the couples say the same thing, "I wasn't 100% sure before the wedding, but as I am holding this and it is all we have left of our wedding day, this was worth every penny!"